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Nick and Nora Charles

There have been many memorable screen partnerships over the years: Tracy and Hepburn, Hope and Crosby, Astaire and Rogers etc, but none have come close to William Powell and Myrna Loy.

Powell and Loy were paired together in 14 films. The couples most memorable film characters were Nick and Nora Charles in the Thin Man film series.

Private Detective Nick(Powell)and his elegant wife, Nora(Loy)are two of the most memorable characters of the classic film era. The pair drink ridiculous amounts alcohol, make it seem fun, and never seem to get drunk from doing so! What I love most about them is that they love each other so much, and are not only husband and wife, but are best friends too. You know that if anything happened to one of them, that the other would be devastated. Along with their adorable dog Asta, the pair solve crimes and get into various scrapes.

Powell and Loy make these two characters so loveable, and so very real too. I think that we feel like we know these characters, they come across as two people who you’d love to be friends with. The incredible chemistry Powell and Loy share helps make the love between Nick and Nora very believable.

Good friends off screen Powell and Loy’s genuine affection for one another is evident when they come together on screen.They really do seem like a real couple, they are just so at ease with one another and seem to genuinely (more so than just acting)care for one another.

Powell is clearly having great fun playing the laid back and very charming Nick, and I think he delivers some of his best performances in The Thin Man films. Loy is utterly adorable as the tough, elegant, and very funny Nora, a woman who is always up for sharing her husband’s cases.

I never get tired of watching the adventures of this crime solving duo. Nick and Nora are clever, funny, brave and extremely lovable characters. As good as these films are, I seriously doubt that they would have been half so successful were it not for the presence of Powell and Loy. It is their interpretations of these characters that makes the whole series work. I love the stories in the films, but it is Nick and Nora who make me want to watch these films again and again. 

I never get tired of seeing their humorous exchanges, funny glances, and deep affection for one another. What a terrific couple they are. 

Join me as I raise a flute of champagne to salute Nick and Nora Charles!


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