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High Society(1956)What A Swell Party This Is…

Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, Louis Armstrong(and his band), Frank Sinatra, Celeste Holm, Lydia Reed,John Lund,Sidney Blackmer,Margalo Gillmore and Louis Calhern are the stars of this very elegant musical.

This musical version of The Philadelphia Story was released in 1956. I saw this version before seeing the Katherine Hepburn one, and although I really love the 1940 film, I  think that this version will always be my favourite.

Grace Kelly is perfectly cast as the beautiful, icy, society heiress Tracy Lord. Kelly really makes me feel for Tracy in the poolside scene where she says to fiancé George(John Lund),”I don’t want to be worshipped, I want to be loved”.

Bing Crosby is Tracy’s ex husband, Dexter; the man she will always love but whose human shortcomings she could never accept or come to fully understand.


Frank Sinatra is the tell it like he sees it news reporter, Mike Connor. Mike along with his good friend and all round tough gal(and obvious right woman for him)Liz Imbrie(Celeste Holm),is covering Tracy’s wedding to the wealthy George Kitteridge(John Lund). Tracy must choose between George, Dexter, and Mike. Which of these men does she really love?

Featuring some cracking music and songs, many courtesy of the legendary Louis Armstrong, who plays himself as a friend of Dexter’s. Armstrong also serves as the films narrator and our guide.

Well Did You Evah?, My Little One and True Love are great favourites of mine from among the brilliant songs heard in this film.

A beautiful film about beautiful people living the elegant highlife, and proving that all the wealth and glamour in the world can’t create happiness.

This is one that always leaves me in a good mood when I’ve watched it. Funny, romantic and a good remake. Highly recommended if you haven’t seen it.

Please let me know your thoughts on the film if you have seen it.




3 thoughts on “High Society(1956)What A Swell Party This Is…”

  1. The Philadelphia Story is one of my all time favourite movies, I have a still from it on my wall, but the remake is mighty fine itself, The interaction between Sinatra and Bing is great, Celeste Holm is wonderful and Grace is truly stunning!

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