Maddy’s Top 10 Oscar Winners

Tonight, over in America, awards will be received, speeches made and gowns admired or criticised. Yep, it’s Oscar Night.

I’m not much of a fan of this ceremony. To call a film or performance the best implies you have watched all the films and performances that year from around the world, I don’t see how that’s possible. Also, how on earth can you possibly watch, and narrow down all the films made world wide each year to just a handful, and then only award one? Anyway, below I have listed the winners from across the years that I’ve agreed deserved an award.

I’m listing my top 10 Oscar winning films and my top 10 actor and actress Oscar winners.

Maddy’s Top 10 Best Picture Winners

All About Eve

It Happened One Night


Lawrence of Arabia

The Godfather

Gone With The Wind

The Silence of the Lambs

In The Heat of The Night

The Artist

The Bridge on the River Kwai


Maddy’s Top 10 Best Actor Winners

Ben Kingsley – Gandhi

Gregory Peck – To Kill A Mockingbird

George C. Scott – Patton

William Holden – Stalag 17

Daniel Day-Lewis – Lincoln

Jean Dujardin – The Artist

Alec Guinness – Bridge On The River Kwai

Ray Milland – The Lost Weekend

James Stewart – The Philadelphia Story

Robert De Niro – Raging Bull


Maddy’s Top 10 Best Actress Winners

Olivia de Havilland – The Heiress

Vivien Leigh –  A Streetcar Named Desire and Gone With The Wind

Meryl Streep – Sophie’s Choice

Joanne Woodward – Three Faces of Eve

Elizabeth Taylor – Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Charlize Theron – Monster

Marion Cotillard – La Vie en Rose

Cate Blanchett – Blue Jasmine

Maggie Smith – The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

Julianne Moore – Still Alice


I can’t believe they didn’t win an Oscar. I know some received an honorary award, but that’s not the same as winning for specific roles or films they directed.

Richard Burton

Akira Kurosawa

Glenn Close

Peter O’Toole

Dorothy Dandridge

Judy Garland

Claude Rains

Howard Hawks

Charlie Chaplin

Alfred Hitchcock

Cary Grant

James Mason


I would have given Richard Burton the best actor award in 1967. I would have given Dorothy Dandridge or Judy Garland the best actress award in 1955.


Share your thoughts on the Oscars, your favourite and least favourite winners over the years,and feel free to include who you think will win the key awards tonight.

I think Natalie Portman has a good chance of getting Best Actress tonight.




















4 thoughts on “Maddy’s Top 10 Oscar Winners”

  1. It must have been both difficult and a lot of fun to come up with those lists. My knowledge of the earlier years of Oscar far outweigh recent times. Except for the time Seth MacFarlane hosted, I haven’t watched the Oscars, or any award show, in about 30 years. I used to dote on them.

    The other day for twitter I listed 7 favourite Oscar films and came up with All About Eve, The Apartment, The Artist, The Best Years of Our Lives, Casablanca, How Green Was My Valley and It Happened One Night. The more I live with the list, the more I like it.

    Tonight, while the Oscar telecast was on, I shared All About Eve with my daughter for the first time. She loved it.

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