Announcing The 007 Blogathon


Bond Blogathon announcement


Hi all. I’m very excited to be announcing the details of my first ever blogathon. I do hope you will all be able to participate.

I am a big fan of a certain, suave, British agent who loves fast cars, saving the world and drinking shaken, but not stirred Martinis. So, I decided to go right ahead and choose James Bond as the subject for my first blogathon.

The blogathon will run between the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of July, 2017.  Keep checking back to this post to see the updated list (found at the very bottom of this post) for who is writing about what. You can post your entry on whichever of the three days you wish.

You are free to write about whatever you wish. For example you could write about your favourite Bond film. Write about your favourite gadget designed by Q. Write about your favourite Bond girl. Write one post covering the entire Bond series. Write about your favourite scene in a Bond film. Write about your favourite Bond novel. The list is endless.

You can write more than one post if you want to. You could write one about your favourite Bond film, and another one about your favourite Bond score for example.

I will only be accepting 2 duplicate posts about the same film or novel.

How do I take part?

Very easily. Leave me a comment below telling me what you want to write about.  Leave me your name and the name of your blog too. Then grab one of the banners below, and put it up somewhere on your site to help spread the word.

What will happen on the Blogathon days?

I will put up a new post on the 21st saying the Blogathon is going live. Leave me your name and the link to your completed entry in the comments. I will then create the link to your entry on my post.

I’ve never participated in a Blogathon before. What’s it all about?

You’re in for lots of fun then. 🙂 Blogathons are a great way of connecting with other bloggers. It’s a good way of getting more visitors to your site who may not otherwise have ever known your blog existed. I love Blogathons for the varied opinions and comments different bloggers can bring to the same subject.

Bond Blogathon 1

Bond Blogathon 2.PNG

Bond Blogathon 3.PNG


I look forward to reading all the entries.  Have fun!


Maddylovesherclassicfilms – My Ten Favourite Bond Films.

    Thoughtsallsorts  –  Casino Royale

   Lifesdailylessonsblog –  The Living Daylights

  Crackedrearviewer –  Goldfinger

RealweegiemidgetSpectre.  Five actors who could be Bond.

 Hamlette’s SoliloquyGoldeneye

OldSchoolEvilJames Bond Jr (animated TV series)

VinniehThe evolution of the Bond girls

CarlosnightmanActresses who would have made great Bond girls

Jay – The Spy Who Loved Me

The Humpo ShowMy least favourite Bond film



30 thoughts on “Announcing The 007 Blogathon

      1. Paul S

        I would like to, but I don’t want to commit and then let you down. When I’m set in my mind I will definitely let you know!


  1. Quiggy

    I’ve been doing a year long tribute to Bond on my own blog (more or less in chronological order, although in May I deviated from it so I could pair both Bond movies featuring the character Jaws in one post. And of course for June I have to readjust again to go back and do the one I skipped. I’m doing them each day on the “007th” day of the month. I don’t want to change the format, but if you want to link to the July 7th post, I wouldn’t mind. July 7th will be “Octopussy” and “A View to a Kill”. If you don’t want tto do that, its OK. I’m a big Bond fan, too.

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. Richard

    This sounds great, I haven’t done a blogathon before but would love to take part. I hope I’m not too late in registering interest.
    My post would be: My Least Favourite Bond Film… I seem to have a current theme of doing posts about films I don’t like haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. maddylovesherclassicfilms Post author

      Hi Richard. Welcome aboard! No you’re not too late. You can choose which of the three days you make your post live. Just remember to send me the link to your post on your site. I’ll add you to the list. Hope you enjoy your first blogathon.

      Liked by 1 person

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