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My Five Favourite Classic TV Series


I’ve been inspired by Eva, over at coffeeclassicsandcraziness and her recent post about her favourite TV series to write my own post on this subject. I have many favourite series from across the years. This post will just focus on my five favourite classic era series. I will do another about my more modern favourites.

Here are my five favourite classic era series.

1- The Twilight Zone (1959-1964)

This is a series I return to again and again, and I am still impressed, scared and moved each time I revisit the zone. A groundbreaking Science Fiction series looking at things such as racism, conformity, paranoia, the need to survive at all costs, and making us think about just what it means to be human. Famous for its twist endings that leave you open mouthed in shock. I love the creepy episodes and the ones that make you cry the most.

This series features some of the biggest stars from the classic era, and it is a real treat to see them appear. I so envy those people who were alive to see this series on its original broadcast.  You can read my post about the series here.


2- Star Trek (1966-1969)

I love all the Star Trek series, my favourite series are this and Deep Space Nine. This series shows us a future for humanity that I wish for everyday to become a reality. The series shows us people treating each other equally. In this future humans have put aside the need for war, the inclination towards violence, hate and prejudice to work as one for a better future and to explore new worlds.

The series follows the crew of the Federation starship Enterprise. They are led by the fearless Captain James Kirk (William Shatner). Each week the crew get caught up in a new adventure and make first contact with a new species. Kirk has the support of a good crew, and the constant presence of his best friends, Commander Spock and Dr. McCoy. Commander Spock (Leonard Nimoy)is half Vulcan and half human, and he does not show emotion easily. Dr. McCoy(De Forest Kelley)  on the other hand is compassionate and brutally honest. The bickering between McCoy and Spock is a series highlight, they may argue, but they are close friends despite their differences.  It is the friendship of the main trio that makes this series a favourite of mine. I also love the inspiring future for humanity depicted here.


3- Kojak (1973- 1978)

One of my favourite detective series. There is a realistic look to this one, and you feel as though you are watching real police officers deal with real victims and criminals.  Kojak is set in 1970’s New York, and follows the cases of a detective squad; they are led by the honest, badass (and it has to be said)very sexy, Lt.Theo Kojak(Telly Savalas).

I like the bond Theo has with his men, in particular with the young and hot headed Detective Bobby Crocker (Kevin Dobson). Exciting stories, lovable characters, filmed on location, and featuring a strong lead performance by Savalas.  “Who loves ya baby?” 🙂


4- Doctor Who (1963 to the present day)

The first episode of this aired here in the UK on the day after President Kennedy was assassinated. Due to that horrendous event, the series didn’t initially make quite the impact it perhaps would have done otherwise, due to people watching the news. However, it soon picked up a large following and became one of the most popular series in our countries TV history.

The Doctor is a Time Lord, a member of a race who regenerate into new bodies whenever they die. He loves humanity and is drawn to us. Over the decades (and through 12 different regenerations)he saves humanity (and other species)and has adventures through time and space. I like all the actors who have played the Doctor, as they have all brought something different to the role and made it their own. My favourites are Jon Pertwee (3rd Doctor), Tom Baker (4th),Sylvester McCoy (7th), Matt Smith (11th)and Peter Capaldi (current Doctor).


5- MASH (1972-1983)

A comedy set in an army field hospital may not sound like a barrel of laughs on paper, but boy does it induce fits of laughter when viewed. Over the years we laughed and cried with Pierce, Klinger, Winchester, Trapper, Hunnicutt, Father Mulcahy, Houlihan, Blake, O’Reilly, Potter and Burns, and they became like family. The series follows the staff of a mobile American army hospital during the Korean war. We follow the lives of the doctors and nurses who risk their own lives (and mental health)trying to save the injured, only to see them sent back to battle once they’ve been patched up.

The staff play jokes on one another, drink to excess and often argue and annoy each other, but this is their way of coping with the horror and waste they are witness to on a daily basis. They are all highly qualified and dedicated medical staff, who are all trying their best in an extremely difficult situation. I love all the characters in this, but Winchester, Klinger, Hawkeye and Mulcahy are my favourites.

What are your favourite classic era series? I’d love to get your views in the comments on the ones I’ve written about.



12 thoughts on “My Five Favourite Classic TV Series”

  1. Hi Maddie
    Great choices…We both agree about sexy Kojak LOL.
    I remember the original Star Trek series which sounds like what you were describing. I don’t think Kirk, Spock, and McCoy were regulars on Deep Space Nine.
    I get the Star Trek spin offs mixed up, there was so many on them LOL Great show!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Katrina. Yes, I’m referring to the Original Series. No they were not on Deep Space Nine. There are loads of Star Trek series and films out there LOL. Very happy to find another fan of Kojak, and someone else who thinks he is one good looking man! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t find him sexy, but Kojak and his catchphrases are iconic. The Rockford Files with James Garner is another series from the same era that sticks in my mind, As well as Starsky and Hutch, The Dukes of Hazzard and Bewitched with the beguiling Elizabeth Montgomery!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great choices all. I love The Rockford Files, Jim was a guy you knew would be fun to hang out with and he would be there for you if you were in trouble or down. That features one of my favourite performances from James Garner. Love the friendship between Starsky and Hutch.


  3. Since you like “The Twilight Zone,” “Star Trek,” and “Dr. Who,” are you familiar with “The Outer Limits”? It was an hour-long U.S. series combining horror and sci-fi, and it ran from 1963-65. It’s much darker and thought-provoking than “Dr. Who” or “Star Trek,” and the hour-long format allowed it to flesh out the characters and plots more than “The Twilight Zone.” Lots of subtle and not-so-subtle commentary on the Cold War, space race, atomic warfare, Communism, and foibles of Man. And the monsters could be quite hideous!


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