Announcing The Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon


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Well, it would seem that I’ve been bitten by the blogathon bug.  🙂  I’m now announcing my second blogathon as host. I love them and think they are such a great way of getting peoples different opinions on the same subject.

 Are you a fan of the master of suspense? Well here is your chance to write something about him and his films.

You can write about anything as long as it is Hitch related. For example you could write about your favourite Hitchcock films. About Hitch himself. About the Hitchcock TV series he hosted. The different eras of Hitch’s career (the early British years and his move to Hollywood.) You can even write more than one post if you wish.

The blogathon will run on the 4th, 5th and 6th of August, 2017.

I will be accepting 2 duplicate posts only about the same film. I will accept more duplicate posts about Hitch himself, or about the TV series.

How do I take part?
Very easily. Simply leave me a comment below telling me what you want to write about.  Leave me your name and the name of your blog too. Then grab one of the banners below, and put it up somewhere on your site to help spread the word.

What will happen on the Blogathon days?
I will put up a new post on the 4th saying the blogathon is going live. Leave me your name and the link to your completed entry in the comments. I will then create the link to your entry on my post.

I’ve never participated in a Blogathon before. What’s it all about?
You’re in for lots of fun then. 🙂 Blogathons are a great way of connecting with other bloggers. It’s a good way of getting more visitors to your site who may not otherwise have ever known your blog existed. I love blogathons for the varied opinions and comments different bloggers can bring to the same subject.

I do hope you can all join me in discussing and celebrating the great Alfred Hitchcock. Grab a banner from below, and check the participation list to see who is writing about what.


Hitchcock blogathon 1

Hitchcock blogathon 3

The Hitchcock Blogathon 4

Hitchcock blogathon 2


Participation List

           maddylovesherclassicfilms – Sabotage. Marnie. Shadow of a Doubt.


TakinguproomRear Window

Bonnywood ManorLifeboat

Anybody Got A Match?To Catch A Thief

CrackedrearviewerForeign Correspondent

RealweegiemidgetreviewsHitchcock (2012)

Critica RetroMasters of Cinema: Alfred Hitchcock (book)

The Humpo ShowStrangers On A Train

ReviewDonkeyThe Lady Vanishes

The Wonderful World Of Cinema – Humour in Hitchcock’s Films

Sparksfromacombustiblemind Psycho

In The Good Old Days Of Classic HollywoodThe Birds

I Found It At The MoviesRope


CinemaessentialsThe 39 Steps

Silver ScreeningsThe Lodger








40 thoughts on “Announcing The Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon

  1. thoughtsallsorts

    Hi Maddy. I’d love to, I really would but the timing is just so bad. And I don’t want to recycle my “First impressions of Spellbound” post because I feel like that is cheating. And unfortunately that’s the only Hitchcock movie I’ve ever seen (yep, I know, terrible isn’t it? I need to see more). Sorry to let you down. But I’m still good for the 007 one.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Le

    Hi, Maddy! The timing is perfect, because it’s just in time for me to finish reading a book about Alfred Hitchcock! Put me down for a book revew: Masters of Cinema: Alfred Hitchcock!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Richard

    I’d like to join this blogathon too Maddy! 🙂
    Put me down for Strangers on a Train! It’s a film I have wanted to see for a while, but not got round to yet. This is the perfect opportunity!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Embeecee

    Hello! I found your blog through Brian of Bonnywood Manor and his post on Lifeboat. I’d like to participate and would like to take on the tried and perhaps tired classic gem “Psycho”. Never could take a shower with a curtain closed after that. Anyway here’s the link to my post and I hope it meets the guidelines. I’m open to constructive criticism, as long as it’s gentle. I’m looking forward to participation in future challenges too! Thanks! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Pingback: One Mann’s Movies Special for “The Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon”: Rear Window (1954) – One Mann's Movies

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