The Swashathon: Anne Of The Indies (1951)


Fritzi, over at MoviesSilently, is hosting this blogathon all about swashbucklers. Be sure to visit her site to read all the other entries, I can’t wait to read them myself.

When you think of pirates, I will bet most of you will instantly think of athletic, rugged men, who are skilled sword fighters, and who speak in a somewhat similar fashion to Long John Silver (as played by Robert Newton.) Am I right? I will bet hardly any of you ever think of women pirates.

In real life there were actually several women who would go on to became pirates. Anne Bonny and Grace O’Malley are just two such examples. I find the choice of these women to roam the seas at the time they did to actually be quite brave. In the time those women lived life for women was very restrictive; they were expected to behave in a certain way, to marry, bear children, and to keep the home clean and tidy. Women pirates showed that women didn’t have to live that way, they could be fearless, strong and were more than capable of taking on a mans role.

In 1951, Jacques Tourneur directed Anne Of The Indies. This exciting pirate story sees     Jean Peters (step aside Tyrone Power and Basil Rathbone) proving that women could have adventures, command ships and buckle their swash too. Jean is one of my favourite classic era actresses and she is someone who I think should have become a far greater star than she did become. She is brilliant here.

Anne Of The Indies

Jean Peters as Anne. Image source IMDb.

Jean Peters accepted the role of the barefoot, fearless, Captain Anne Providence (loosely based on Anne Bonney), and in doing so delivers what I consider to be one of her best screen performances. Anne is a woman living and trying to survive in a man’s world. She is the Captain of her own ship and is respected by the men who sail under her command. Jean captures and conveys to us that Anne has to be doubly tough, doubly harsh etc to feel that she is one of the men. Anne cannot afford to be seen as a weak woman by them, lest that should make her men lose faith in her and feel that she is no longer one of them. There are times when we see she wants to break down and cry, wants to accept comfort, but she can’t afford to do anything to destroy the crews perceived image of her.

Jean really makes you admire this woman’s strength and determination. As the film goes on Anne falls in love, and she fights an internal struggle over whether she should let herself be a woman, or whether she should deny her feelings and remain the Captain and leader of her crew. Captain Anne Providence (Jean Peters)commands the pirate ship, The Sheba Queen. In revenge for her brothers murder at the hands of the English, Anne hunts down British ships and makes their crews walk the plank.

Anne of the indies 2

Anne and Pierre. Image source IMDb.

One night, whilst taking a British ship, Anne and her crew find a Frenchman aboard kept as prisoner. This man is Pierre LaRochelle (Louis Jourdan). Anne spares his life and keeps him on as her sailing master. Pierre claims to have been the Captain of an Irish ship captured by the English over a year ago. One of Anne’s most loyal crew members is Dougal (James Robertson Justice),and he is suspicious of LaRochelle’s story. Famed pirate Blackbeard (Thomas Gomez)also has doubts about LaRochelle, but even he cannot place doubt in Anne’s heart or mind. Anne and Pierre fall in love, and for the first time in many a year, Anne allows herself to just be a woman. Heartbreak, betrayal and some genuine surprises await just around the next cove.

This film has everything, a good story, lots of action, adventure, romance and it captures the pirate life quite well. You see them sharing the spoils of war, you see the larger than life personalities and see the danger and violence of their way of life.

Anne of the indies 3

Jameson tends to a wounded Anne. Image source IMDb.

I really love the relationship between Anne and her ships doctor, Jameson (Herbert Marshall)he is a father figure to her, and he is the only one with whom she can be vulnerable. The pair have several touching moments and he can see long before she is perhaps aware of it, that she is falling for LaRochelle. Jameson is also the one person aboard her ship who is not afraid to be openly compassionate or to speak his mind; even if his opinion will put him against Anne and the rest of her crew.

The cast all give solid performances. Jean Peters is defiant, strong and tough. Louis  Jourdan has to create a sense of mystery around LaRochelle, and manages to do so very well. It’s also not hard to accept that his dashing mystery man could capture Anne’s heart (he is gorgeous! 🙂 ). James Robertson Justice is observant and reliable as the loyal Dougal. Thomas Gomez is larger than life as the fearless and fun loving Blackbeard. Herbert Marshall is gentle and likeable as Doctor Jameson.

While I love this film for the story and setting, I love it even more for the psychological approach it takes towards the character of Anne. That is quite a unique angle for a pirate film to take, and it’s also quite unusual to have a woman pirate Captain as the main character. These two make this film very different from so many other films of this genre.

My favourite scenes are the following. Anne asking LaRochelle where he has been (after he leaves the Blackbeard party.) Jameson tending to Anne’s injury. Anne and LaRochelle sharing a kiss on the beach. Anne looking out to sea and finally accepting that she and her men have been betrayed. The final scene between Jameson and Anne. Anne and Blackbeard’s play swordfight battle.

This is a film that deserves to be much better known today. It lasts for about 1 hour and 20 minutes, and packs a great deal into a fairly short running time. I hope my post will encourage those of you who have never heard of this one to seek it out. I’d love to hear what you think of this film. Please leave your comments below.

I’m also listing below my five favourite pirate films.

1- The Black Swan

2- Treasure Island

3- Anne of the Indies

4- Pirates of the Caribbean

5- Captain Blood







22 thoughts on “The Swashathon: Anne Of The Indies (1951)

  1. Paul S

    This is why I love WordPress!
    I’d never heard of Anne of the Indies or even pondered 1950’s pirate films before. Now I’m very keen to see this and the others you listed above.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. maddylovesherclassicfilms Post author

      My pleasure. Oh yeah, Louis could make a girl forget her command responsibilities :-)This is shaping up to be a very fun and informative blogathon. I’ve already come across titles thanks to day 1, that I’ve never heard of before.


    1. maddylovesherclassicfilms Post author

      You heard right! I hope you get to see this one sometime it is such good fun. I agree about the mystery surrounding pirates. I also think that pirate films speak to the adventurer inside us all. So happy to find another fan of The Black Swan, Power and O’Hara are magic together in that.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Silver Screenings

    I’m impressed that filmmakers in the early 1950s would make a film about a female pirate, and it sounds like they’ve given her character a fair shake (meaning, not condescending, etc.). I can only imagine how terrific Jean Peters is in this role. Thanks in advance for this recommendation! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Le

    I’ve always been bummed because there were few female pirates – and I had no idea this film existed. Since it’s in you TOP 3 and your review was so positive, I’ll certainly look for a copy!
    Thanks for the kind comment!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. cottagecaretakersyahoocom

    What a marvelous article! I would like to see it some times. I am fascinated by its concept. I also wrote an article for the Swashathon: I really haven’t seen many true pirate films. I think that I will watch this one soon. You made it sound very exciting.

    Yours Hopefully,

    Tiffany Brannan

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Joe Thompson

    I saw this on TCM (I think) a while back and enjoyed it immensely. I like your point about how nice it is to see a pirate movie that pays attention to the psychology of its lead character, and to have that character be a woman. Thanks for a nice review of a movie that more people need to see.

    Liked by 1 person


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