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Maddy’s Five Favourite Horror Films

The following films are my five all time favourite Horror films. They will always get watched at Halloween, and these films always manage to scare and impress me each time I watch. I’d love to know your own favourite scary films to watch at this time of year.


Photo0078   1- The Innocents (1961)

The creepy story and spooky atmosphere seen here just can’t be bettered in my opinion. A superb adaptation of the classic story The Turn Of The Screw. There is an ambiguity throughout the film as to whether we are witnessing real possession and real ghosts, or whether the horror that occurs is all due to the breakdown of the main character (Deborah Kerr). 

Each of those scenarios is scary, and each works perfectly for the film, with evidence for each to be found within the film. Superb performances from all in the cast, especially Deborah Kerr as the tormented governess. Perfect viewing for a dark night, or for a stormy afternoon. This is my go to ghost film every single time. You can read my review of the film here.




Photo0144   2- The Fog (1980)

One of the creepiest horror films of all time for me. This is a much unfairly underappreciated gem from John Carpenter. It features one of the best, and one of the spookiest openings to any film; with the great John Houseman chilling you to the bone with his words alone.  The fog effects are eerie, the cast are all great, there is some stunning location work, and the film has one of Carpenter’s best scores. An American coastal town is terrorised by a group of dead sailors out for revenge. The dead sailors come ashore shrouded in a mysterious fog. Can they be stopped?




Photo0123   3- The Others (2001)

A ghost film that’s up there with The Innocents for me in terms of spooky atmosphere and scares. This film is both scary and moving. The ending to this acts as a punch to the stomach; the aftermath of the reveal at the end always makes me tear up a bit each time I watch. Nicole Kidman delivers one of her best ever performances as a terrified and grieving mother.  A family slowly begin to realise that they are being haunted. When three mysterious strangers show up at the house, the terror and mystery in the house increase.



Photo0169   4- Quatermass And The Pit (1967)

A Hammer production which perfectly blends Science Fiction and Horror into one terrifying film. This is the best remembered of the Quatermass films/stories, and is certainly the scariest. This was my first introduction to the character of Quatermass and he and this film have been favourites ever since. Up to a certain point in the film there is the possibility that all the strange events are due to the forces of evil.

When the real cause of the frightening events are revealed, it is still equally scary, and it also shows that what is not understood is often feared and put down to the supernatural. Barbara Shelley delivers one of her best performances as a young woman who becomes very affected by a centuries old, mysterious object found buried down in a London Underground station.



Photo0145   5- Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1978)

I love the 1956 original very much, and I consider that a creepy film and a highpoint in 1950’s horror. I consider this remake to be that rare thing in that it surpasses the original. This tale of alien invasion is utterly terrifying. What could be more scary than being taken over by someone else? Seeing those you love killed? Imagine not knowing who to trust, not being able to control your own emotions to save yourself. This film tackles all those fears and is truly scary and disturbing. The pod people’s scream is also one of the most chilling and strange things I’ve ever heard, it chills me to the bone each time I hear it.

Aliens are taking over the people of earth. Humans are being killed and their bodies are replicated, but all the pod people lack emotion and they are intent on finding any real humans left alive. Donald Sutherland, Brooke Adams, Veronica Cartwright and Jeff Goldblum are all superb, as the small group of friends who are forced to run for their lives from the alien invasion.


What are your thoughts on these five horror films? Please share your own favourites below.




27 thoughts on “Maddy’s Five Favourite Horror Films”

  1. Superb list. The Innocents is such a classic, and The Others is also one of my favourites ever. My only regret is that I discovered the latter way too late after its release date. I have not heard of Quatermass And The Pit. I hope I will watch around Halloween.

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  2. I rarely watch horror films, but The Fog has always been one of my favourites. It’s so atmospheric, from the campfire scene at the beginning, to the shot near the close of the film with the revenants standing amongst the pews of the fog-encroached church. Race with the Devil with Peter Fonda and the great Warren Oates is another horror film that I’ve always enjoyed.

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  3. All wonderfully spooky choices, Maddy.The Innocents is absolutely superb, and I am a huge fan of the Quatermass films, having a great fondness for 1950’s and 60’s UK Sci fi generally.The 1978 version of ‘Bodysnatchers’ is excellent (who can forget that ending..?), and I have also seen the other remakes, but I have to go with the original for pure nightmarish chills.The Fog is definitely worth a re-watch, having last seen it back in the 80’s, I think, and The Others is a fantastic “I did not see that coming” tale. All good stuff.

    I would have to go with the 1958 version of Dracula, being a huge fan of Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, as well as the original version of The Spiral Staircase- I had no idea just how frightening it would be! 1972’s Tales From The Crypt is an old favourite, and a must-see for me-the ‘Father Christmas’ story still gives me chills.I remember Salem’s Lot being unexpectedly creepy for a TV film, and for more modern scares, I thoroughly enjoyed The Babadook-genuinely terrifying, and without the need for guts and gore. There are many others which shiver my timbers, but those 5 are all great fun (if that’s the correct way to refer to a Horror), and will certainly get the job done.

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  4. I’m afraid I come up a little short on the films you mentioned, as I’ve not yet seen “The Innocents” or “Quatermass and the Pit”, and it’s been so long since I’ve seen “The Fog” and “The Others” that I kinda forget, apart from recalling I liked them at the time. I did really enjoy that remake of “Invasion Of The Body Snatchers”. It’s always a twist when asked about favorites, which are often/usually different creatures than ‘Best’ or ‘Greatest’. For me, creepout faves include “The Cabin In The Woods”,”The Island Of Lost Souls”, “Quarantine”,”Let Me In” (the US version), “Jeepers Creepers”,”Poltergeist”, “The Descent”. Recently really impressed with “The Babadook” and “It Follows”. Might as well toss in “Curse Of The Demon”, “Rosemary’s Baby”, “Psycho”,”The Howling”, “The Wolfman (1941)”. And–don’t bash me with a silver-headed cane, but I really like “The Killer Shrews” (I guess that’s sci-fi since a ‘scientist’ unleashed them).


      1. Night Of The Demon (aka Curse of…) -Yes! !Yes! Yes! An excellent film.Apparently, the demon was shown at the insistence of the producers, and much to the chagrin of director Jacques Tourneur. I have to say that I think actually showing it was a bad choice, 1957 special effects being what they were, but it didn’t necessarily spoil my enjoyment, as, prior to the reveal, I found this film very chilling indeed.


  5. Not your typical list. Nice to see some love for Invasion remake. Saw it at the theater as a kid and it never leaves you. I think my older sister was TOLD she had to let me tag along….lol. Love the fact that Kevin McCarthy makes a cameo warning everyone of the impending doom.

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    1. Well that’s me, I’m anything but typical 😉 Happy to find another fan of the 78 version, it sure is creepy. I love Kevin McCarthy’s cameo. You can use that scene to imagine the character has been on the run/in hiding since the first film. That scene makes you think that maybe the invasion never moved outside his small town, until now that is.

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  6. That end on Body snatchers is still a shocker. Don’t think it will ever leave me. Love both versions equally I think. Both give differing moods. That version of Quatermass is my go too also. I always have time for it. Recently saw it on Blu-ray and it looked incredible. Great list.

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  7. Your choice of horror movies are wonderful to read about Maddy. I remember watching the Turn of the Screw and being so frightened of that woman near the lake which the children see I believe. And then I was equally just as frightened with The Others. It is that simplicity and atmosphere of a errie quiet like movie that strikes fear into the mind. Coincidently I am also wriitng up my five horror favourites and one includes the same director here.

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      1. I agree. Whilst some light gore is fine, I don’t particularly enjoy them for a long duration than I do with pyschological and classic slasher movies can deliver. I might take awhile to post my own one but it should be up soon. Thank you for asking about my health. ( I have a form of cancer which I haven’t publicly mentioned much as it has become a shock to me thus when i left for awhile, and trying to still post in some form of normality is challenging but I am trying my best).


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