Unsung Classics

Unsung Classics In Need Of Watching: Part 1

Anyone who loves cinema will no doubt have their own list of films which they love, but which nobody else ever seems to have heard of.

I’m going to list a few of my unsung favourites for you. I invite you all to do the same. Please share those unsung titles. Let us help to spread the word about these unsung films.

The following classic era films are all ones that are not all that well known (if they are known at all in some cases). Some of these may be known to some fans of classic era cinema, but mention them to the average moviegoer and you will get a blank look in response.

All of these are excellent films. If you love classic era cinema, then you should really check them all out.



Photo0077   Shooting Stars (1928)

A little known British Silent film. This gives us a behind the scenes look at filmmaking. We are shown how the screen magic is created. We also see plenty of off screen drama as an actress has an affair with a co-star. Her affair breaks her husbands heart. This is a funny, tragic, and fascinating film. The performances are excellent. I love the bouncy score to this one as well. Well worth a look. You can read my full review of this film here.



Photo0052  Stray Dog (1949)

One of Akira Kurosawa’s best films is also sadly now one that is among the least well known of his films today. Audiences automatically tend to think of his Samurai flicks now, instead of his terrific dramas and thrillers from the 1940’s. This film follows a detectives mission to get back his stolen service gun. As the gun is passed from one person to another it becomes linked to crimes. You can read my full review here.



The Clock (1945)

Judy Garland and Robert Walker Sr star in this beautiful romantic drama. Walker plays a soldier on leave during WW2. He meets Garland’s character by chance in New York. They fall in love and are soon in a hurry to marry before he has to go back to fight in WW2.

The performances from Garland and Walker are extraordinary in this. They have such perfect chemistry and really convince as the couple falling in love. This was Judy’s first non musical role, and she more than proves her dramatic acting talents with this film. You can read my full review here.




Photo0154  Mandy (1952)

A powerful British drama about a young deaf girl. This film helps raise awareness of deafness and also about what living with someone with the condition can be like. The main performance by Mandy Miller is one of the best child performances I have ever seen. A moving and uplifting film. You can read my full review here.




Photo0071  The Edge Of The World (1937)

This early film from director Michael Powell focuses on life on a small island in the Hebrides. Strong performances, and being filmed on a real island add a great deal of authenticity to this film. John Laurie steals the show. You can read my full review here.



Photo0045  The Passionate Friends (1949)

This David Lean film could almost be viewed as a sequel to Brief Encounter. There are many similarities between the two films, and this shows what could have happened had there been a sequel with Alec and Laura meeting years later. Claude Rains plays the loving but distant older husband to Ann Todd’s lonely younger woman. When she meets Trevor Howard (whose character she used to love)an affair begins that changes everything. You can read my full review here.


What are some of your unsung classics? Share them with us on your own sites.






14 thoughts on “Unsung Classics In Need Of Watching: Part 1”

  1. Great list! I am in complete agreement about Passionate Friends! It seems odd it is not better known of Lean’s films. I have never heard of Shooting Star, but am grateful you’ve made me aware of it. I will have to look for it, now! I finally saw The Clock this year and really enjoyed it and I’ve been wanting to see Edge of the World, but will have to move it up my list of films to see.

    Letter From an Unknown Woman, with Joan Fontaine and Louis Jourdan and directed by Max Ophuls, is one of my unsung classics. I’ll have to work on a similar post! Thanks! 🙂

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    1. I came up with about 25, but I don’t want to deluge anyone. Many are more recent. A few suggestions: “Sunflower” with Loren & Mastroianni; “The Dove’, “A Child Is Waiting”, “The Dark At The Top Of The Stairs”, “The Satan Bug”. “Kitty Foyle” was big in its day–no-one now has ever heard of it, same with “Madame Curie”. “Devils Doorway”, “Heller In Pink Tights”…..

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  2. Of those you’ve listed, I’ve seen only THE CLOCK, and I like it very much, but it probably wouldn’t make my “Top 10 list” of unsung films. Some that would make my list include (in no particular order) include DODSWORTH (1936), MAKE WAY FOR TOMORROW (1937), THE STRANGER’S RETURN (1933), LOVE ME TONIGHT (1932), THE SHOP AROUND THE CORNER (1940), and THE THIRD MAN (1949). The latter two may not be as “unsung” as the others, but I suspect that people who aren’t classic film buffs never heard of them.

    I’ll look forward to Part II.

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