The Second Annual Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon Begins

Hitchcock Blogathon 3

The Second Annual Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon has finally arrived!

Over the next two days, a large number of truly wonderful bloggers will be submitting their articles on all things Hitch.  Check back to this post today and tomorrow, I will be updating it as regularly as I can linking to all of the entries.

I can’t wait to read all of your posts. Thank you so much for taking part.

The Second Annual Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon participants gather together in the hotel lounge. The strains of Bernard Herrmann’s music can be heard floating through the air.

Someone kindly informs us that lunch is now ready. We all tuck into a delicious buffet, this is laid out for us on top of a suspicious looking chest belonging to some guy called Brandon.

Hitchcock blogathon 4 

Day 2 Entries

The Wonderful World Of Cinema goes out to sea in order to discuss Hitchcock’s ocean set thriller Lifeboat


Poppity flees from crop dusters as she reviews the Hitchcock classic North By Northwest.


Silver Screen Classics goes on a journey with Richard Hannay to uncover the mystery of The 39 Steps.


Vinnieh tells us what happened when Uncle Charlie came to town in Shadow Of A Doubt.


Taking Up Room discusses an early film which would become the only film of Hitchcock’s that he would ever remake. The film is  The Man Who Knew Too Much


Cracked Rear Viewer discusses the suspenseful 3D Hitchcock film Dial M For Murder.


Sat In Your Lap discusses the powerful Hitchcock film The Wrong Man


Pure Entertainment Preservation Society discusses the haunting and suspenseful film Rebecca


Retro Movie Buff encounters spies and windmills in her review of Foreign Correspondent.



Day 1 Entries

Down These Mean Streets spent some time with Devlin, Alicia and Alexander, and she writes about that experience in her review of Notorious


Cinema Essentials discusses Hitchcock’s suspenseful 3D film Dial M For Murder.


The Midnite-Drive In discusses the terrifying 60’s shocker Psycho and also the biopic Hitchcock. 


Wolffian Classics Movies Digest joins Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly to look out at the Rear Window


Realweegiemidgetreviews discusses Four O’ Clock, a Hitchcock directed episode of the TV series Suspicion.


Silver Screenings joins a party hiding a grisly secret in Rope.   


Bonnywood Manor gets caught up in the thrilling spy story Topaz.


Caftan Woman invites us all to join her at the theatre to discuss Stage Fright.


The Stop Button takes a look at one of Hitchcock’s early British films Young And Innocent.


dbmoviesblog takes a trip to Bodega Bay and witnesses nature striking back in The Birds.


Taking Up Room tells us all about Hitchcock’s first ever sound film Blackmail.


Cary Grant Won’t Eat You talks about the disappointing Hitchcock film Torn Curtain.


Sparks From A Combustible Mind discusses the time when Hitchcock went comic in The Trouble With Harry.


I take a trip to Manderley to meet Rebecca.  I also write about the 60th anniversary of the release of  Vertigo

36 thoughts on “The Second Annual Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon Begins

    1. maddylovesherclassicfilms Post author

      Paddy, you have done what I thought nobody could ever do again, you have persuaded me to give this film another chance. I have only seen this film twice, and I didn’t like it at all, apart from it being a real character piece and having many good actors in it. You make such a good case for this one though that I will check it out again. Thanks for joining.


  1. thoughtsallsorts

    I’ll join your Blogathons again soon…just so much on the go that I’m not getting around to half the things I would like to…like watching movies, reading books. But then, I now also have another soft, cuddly “distraction”….

    Liked by 2 people

    1. maddylovesherclassicfilms Post author

      Excellent review of one of Hitch’s best films. Thanks for taking part. So much to enjoy in this one, from the superb cast, to the magnificent score, to the humour, the suspense and unforgettable scenes like the Mount Rushmore and crop duster sequences.
      I am sorry to hear about your brother too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Poppity

        Many thanks, Maddy!
        This film is definitely unique and I am still to this day asking questions about certain aspects of it. I love when a film challenges me in such a way because it makes re-watchings all the more interesting. I still cannot get over how beautiful Eva Marie Saint was in this and to think that some of the producers weren’t sure that she could play a sexy leading lady!
        I appreciate the condolences. It has been four months now and some days it hits you harder than others. At least he is with me on my journey in loving Classic Film. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. maddylovesherclassicfilms Post author

      Thank you so much, Edirin. Excellent review there of one of Hitchcock’s finest films. George Sanders steals the show in this for sure. I really liked seeing him play a nice guy for a change. Love his characters strange name!

      The umbrella sequence and the plane crash are two standout sequences in this. A film that was relevant for its time, and one that remains a solid thriller and a depiction of good people taking risks to stand up to evil.



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