The David Lean Blogathon Begins

David Lean 3.PNGThe big day has finally arrived! Over the next two days, several truly wonderful bloggers are going to be submitting their reviews and articles about David Lean’s films.

A big thank you to all of you for joining me for this blogathon.I can’t wait to read all of the entries celebrating the life and career of this gifted director.

Check back to this post over the next two days as I update it to link back to all of the entries. 


Day 2 Entries

Silver Screen Classics writes about the epic romance Doctor Zhivago


Cinematic Scribblings takes a look at Lean’s family saga This Happy Breed.


Retromoviebuff discusses Lean’s spooky and funny film Blithe Spirit.


Movierob heads to Venice with David Lean’s Summertime.


Vinnieh talks about his love for the epic David Lean film Doctor Zhivago.


Cinema Essentials writes about the man himself in Director Profile: David Lean.


Poppity shares her love for the underrated Ryan’s Daughter. She also writes about one of David Lean’s lesser known films Madeleine.


Day 1 Entries

Realweegiemidgetreviews takes a look at the trailer for Lean’s epic film Doctor Zhivago. She also looks at Lean’s WW2 set classic The Bridge On The River Kwai.


Movierob shares his thoughts after a first time viewing of The Passionate Friends.


Poppity takes a look at Lean’s charming film Hobson’s Choice.


Caftan Woman discusses one of the greatest of David Lean’s films Great Expectations.


The Stop Button shares his thoughts on Lean’s aviation drama The Sound Barrier.


The Wonderful World Of Cinema discusses Lean’s masterpiece Lawrence Of Arabia.


I discuss David Lean’s stunning adaptation of Charles Dickens classic story Oliver Twist.

40 thoughts on “The David Lean Blogathon Begins”

      1. I really fell in love with this film when I saw it for the first time and John Mills earned a piece of my heart.
        I’m so happy that you decided to feature David Lean. I’ve written about all but three of his films and most of them hardly got any comments/discussion. For me, I found a kinship in Lean’s style and personal outlook on films. Thank you for hosting this blogathon!

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      2. I am so happy that you took part, your passion for David Lean’s films and your knowledge about them comes across strongly in your writing. John Mills is excellent as Michael. The first time I saw this film I really didn’t recognise him! Trevor Howard steals the show for me as the gruff but kindly Priest.

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    1. By the way, have you thought about joining The Classic Movie Blog Association? I think you would be a wonderful addition to the group. Just email and ask for your blog to be considered. Your writing is excellent and your passion for classic cinema is evident.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. In fact, I have! I think the only factor working against me is that I do not have my own site and post my articles on a community-driven film site. The crowd there is nice but they are uncensored and kind of crazy, but still lovable, guys. Some of the things they post/say could be considered offensive.
        Thank you very much for the compliments! Classic Film is a lifeline for me in more ways than one and I love it so. I’m a stay-at-home mother “by trade” though at least I found a way to put my university degrees to good use! 🙂

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      2. Maybe set a new blog up and transfer(if you can)your articles from Film Exodus over to it. When I started blogging I was delighted that I had finally found a way to connect with others who love the classic film era as much as I do.

        I found your comments in spam for some reason, not sure why though, as all your other comments have showed up before. Maybe check other bloggers just in case your comments have gone astray on other sites.

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    1. Wonderful and very interesting article about this stunning film. The photography and period detail in this one is simply stunning. I love that sequence of the London rooftops and chimneys as a storm rages. A real character and actor piece.

      Your review highlights the many reasons why I love to return to this film again and again. Thanks for joining Paddy!


  1. Happy Saturday! Here is my article about David Lean’s haunting film ‘Madeleine’:

    I’m also including my article for ‘Ryan’s Daughter’, which is one of Lean’s most unappreciated and (unjustifiably) critically panned work. I was so moved by this film and it ended up being the longest review that I have ever written. 🙂

    Thanks, Maddy! 😀

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    1. Thanks so much for these two terrific articles. Ryan’s Daughter unfairly gets a very hard time it has its faults, but it is a good film and is not as bad as some make out. The photography,locations and music are stunning. Most of the actors are excellent and it is a moving and unforgettable story.

      Madeleine is one of his least known films, and although it isn’t one of my favourites, I do like it for the period detail, the story and Ann Todd’s performance. Thanks for mentioning this one. Have a lovely weekend.

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