The Third Annual Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon Arrives

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The big day is finally here! Over the next two days a large number of truly wonderful bloggers will be writing about all things Alfred Hitchcock. I want to welcome back those of you who’ve joined me before, and offer a warm welcome to the new bloggers joining us. 

Please join me for a buffet laid out on top of Mount Rushmore. Beware of low flying crop dusters and flocks of birds that you may see approaching us. Bernard Herrmann will be providing a suitable score for our Hitchcock themed event. 

Day 2 Entries

Silver Screen Classics takes a look at the dark love story Vertigo

The Wonderful World Of Cinema shares her favourite Hitchcock film scenes

Overturebooksandfilms writes about the much underrated Saboteur

Diary Of A Movie Maniac writes about Jamaica Inn and The Lady Vanishes

The Poppity writes about the much maligned Marnie

Critica Retro tells us about the unmade Hitchcock Silent films

Thoughtsallsorts heads to the riviera to discuss the very romantic To Catch A Thief

Crackedrearviewer discusses Frenzy, which is one of Hitch’s darkest films

Portraitsbyjenni talks all about The Lady Vanishes

Movie Rob shares his top 10 Hitchcock films

Taking Up Room tells us all about The 39 Steps

Pale Writer joins us with a second post. This time discussing Anthony Perkins performance in Psycho

Katy Kostakis writes about some of her favourite episodes of Hitchcock’s TV series

Hitchcock 3 banner 3

Day 1 Entries

Pale Writer discusses Hitchcock Blondes

The Humpo Show shares his thoughts on Suspicion

I tell you about my four favourite Hitchcock couples

Cinema Essentials compares the Kenneth More version of The 39 Steps to Hitch’s classic

The Midnite Drive-In discusses Strangers On A Train and Throw Momma From The  Train

The Old Hollywood Garden talks about the Macguffin

Stars And Letters shares correspondence about the making of Rebecca

Realweegiemidgetreviews takes a look at a Lamb To The Slaughter, an episode of Hitch’s TV series

The Stop Button discusses Hitch’s black comedy The Trouble With Harry

Sparksfromacombustiblemind discusses The Birds

31 thoughts on “The Third Annual Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon Arrives

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    1. maddylovesherclassicfilms Post author

      Hi Christine. Thanks so much for this, wanted to leave a comment on your site but sadly can’t because it only accepts Google accounts comments, rather than name/URL and I don’t have a Google account. 😦 I hope you see my comments here about Saboteur.

      I’m glad you picked this film to review. I consider it to be one of his most underrated films. I’m not a fan of Robert Cummings, but I really do like him in this. The statue of liberty sequence ranks at number 1 in my list of most suspenseful Hitchcock sequences. It’s such a good film and I don’t know why so many fans don’t think that highly of it.


  2. Silver Screen Classics

    My sincerest apologies for not meeting the time for this great blogathon. 😦 I have a finished piece finally and will post it regardless. Work commitments seem to be drowning me at the moment. However, I will spend the next few days reading everyone’s entries. Hope all is well and you’re feeling better! Regards, Paul


      1. Silver Screen Classics

        This is embarrassingly late and doesn’t deserve to be added obviously. But I feel the public apology is warranted and I’ve made that apology at the end of the article. Your opinion and thoughts are of course highly valued as always. Hope you are well and doing much better. Regards, Paul


      2. maddylovesherclassicfilms Post author

        Don’t be silly, Paul. I’m just happy that you still wanted to write it. It’s an excellent post and it’s been added with all the others. Thanks for asking. I’m still not well(ongoing thing)I’m afraid. Hope all is good with you.

        Liked by 1 person

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