The Noirathon Begins

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The time has come for all us guys and dames who love Film Noir to assemble here at Maddy’s Club. Over the next three days, a large number of Noir fans will share their reviews and articles on all things Film Noir. Keep checking back to this post over the next three days to read all the entries.  

Massive thanks to those of you who are taking part. I can’t wait to read all those entries. 

Day 3 Entries

Gabriela from Pale Writer returns with a second entry, this time discussing the pairing of Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake in Noir films.

Pure Entertainment Preservation Society discusses The Dark Mirror

Ruth from Silver Screenings discusses the villain in Kansas City Confidential. 

Movie Night’s Group Guide To Classic Films writes about The Blue Gardenia.

Movie Rob takes a look at The Woman In The Window.

Gabriela from Pale Writer brings Lizabeth Scott to the Noir party, with her article on Dead Reckoning.

Mike from Films On The Box shares his thoughts on Fear In The Night, a 1940’s Noir starring DeForest Kelley.

Erica from Poppity Talks Classic Film, discusses the Noir classic They live By Night.

Movie Rob talks about about Scene Of The Crime, a Noir starring Van Johnson.

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Day 2 Entries

Quiggy at the Midnite Drive-In tells us all about Abbot And Costello parodying Film Noir

The Lonely Critic brings some Japanese Noir to the party, as he discusses High And Low. 

Movie Rob discusses the Barbara Stanwyck classic Sorry, Wrong Number

Le from Critica Retro discusses Tension, a Noir from 1949. 

Clarissa from Stars And Letters shares letters from famous fans of The Killers.

Realweegiemidget joins us a second time to discuss John Wick: Chapter 3 .

John V’s Eclectic Avenue shares his thoughts on The Chase.

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Day 1 Entries

Carol from The Old Hollywood Garden discusses friendships in Film Noir.

Portraits From Jenni writes about one of the best Noir’s of the 1950’s, the gripping Pickup On South Street

Noirish discusses The True Story Of Lynn Stuart, a lesser known Noir film from 1958.

Paddy from Caftan Woman joins all the Noir fun, by sharing her thoughts on Thieves Highway. 

Andrew from The Stop Button shares his thoughts on In A Lonely Place, one of the most famous of all Noir films. 

Gill from Realweegiemidgetreviews brings Keanu Reeves to the Noir party. She discusses John Wick: Chapter 2, which is a modern Noir. 

Erin from Cinematic Scribblings invites us to take a trip to the British seaside, for her review of the brilliant British Noir Brighton Rock

Steve from Movie Movie Blog Blog II joins us to discuss Laura, truly one of the great classics of the genre. 

I write about Murder, My SweetCry Of The City and Dark Passage.

31 thoughts on “The Noirathon Begins

  1. In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood

    Hey Maddy. I know this is last minute, but I’m wondering if I can change my topic? The reason why is because I’m currently doing a blog series on Katharine Hepburn, and watching her entire filmography in order from first to last, so because of that, Can I write about the Film Noirs that Katharine made?


  2. John V

    Hi Maddy, I know this is very late, but any chance I can join the fun and post my thoughts on The Chase (1946) with Robert Cummings and Peter Lorre? I can have it up for Monday, the last day of the blogathon!


    1. maddylovesherclassicfilms Post author

      Thanks, Le. I was having trouble commenting on your site, so I hope you see this reply here. Great review! This is another that I need to see. Audrey Totter is fabulous and I’m looking forward to seeing her performance in this one. Thanks so much for joining. x


  3. thoughtsallsorts

    Maddy…I totally ditched you. And that is inexcusable. I didn’t forget you…and I’m not making excuses…but I had watched Sin City and written down my thoughts when I was taken off to a spur-of-the-moment week away. It was under strict terms that because I’ve been working way into the night and over weekends this last year I was not allowed any technology…just focus on family for a change. So…I’m really sorry I didn’t let you know, that I didn’t send you anything but I really didn’t have a choice…at this point I need to focus on family…


      1. thoughtsallsorts

        Thanks Maddy. I still feel horrid though…but I was given an ultimatum…I’ve really focussed too much on work lately…
        I’ll see you at the next Blogathon though. And that’s a promise.


  4. cottagecaretakersyahoocom

    Dear Maddy,

    I am very sorry to send you my article so late, but I finished it: Its date is Sunday, but I haven’t been able to send it to you until now. I hope that you will still be able to include it in the Day 2 or Day 3 roster. I really enjoyed watching and reviewing “The Dark Mirror” for this blogathon. I apologize for being so tardy with the link.

    Yours Hopefully,

    Tiffany Brannan



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