The Robert Donat Blogathon Begins

The time to honour the great Robert Donat has arrived. Check back to this post over the next three days to read all of the reviews and articles on Robert and his films. Thanks to everyone who is taking part.

Robert Donat banner 1

Ruth gets the blogathon started by telling us all about that time Robert took on a duel role in The Ghost Goes West

Pure Entertainment Preservation Society discuss the heartbreaking Goodbye Mr. Chips

Dubsism takes a look at Captain Boycott

Paddy tells us about Robert Donat and The 39 Steps. 

Sister Celluloid tells us all about the sparks flying between Robert and Marlene Dietrich in Knight Without Armour

18 Cinema Lane takes a look at the tearjerker Goodbye Mr. Chips discusses Robert’s final film The Inn Of The Sixth Happiness

I write about one of Robert’s best performances in The Winslow Boy

Taking Up Room tells us about The Adventures Of Tartu.

Critica Retro discusses Knight Without Amour. 

Pure Entertainment Preservation Society returns to discuss The count Of Monte Cristo

Silver Screen Classics takes a look at when Robert played a doctor in The Citadel

Poppity Talks Classic Films discusses Perfect Strangers. 

12 thoughts on “The Robert Donat Blogathon Begins

  1. palewriter2

    Maddy, I’m an idiot. I got my dates muddled and not only didn’t write my review for Charity’s Olivia Blogathon but you’re Robert one!! I will get it done! I promise! May I get it to by early next week? Sorry again 😞



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