The 4th Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon Begins

Hitch Blogathon 2020 2Welcome, friends. The 4th Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon has arrived! Maxim De Winter has very kindly allowed us to spend the weekend at Manderley to watch and discuss the work of Mr. Hitchcock.

Mr. De Winter has left instructions that we are free to go anywhere in the house and grounds, apart from the west wing and a certain stretch of the beach. Ah, I see that Mrs. Danvers is beckoning us all into the screening room. The Hitchcock films are about to start. Please check back to this post over the next two days to read all of the Hitchcock related posts. 

Erica kicks things off by discussing the underrated Hitch film I,Confess.

Ruth shares her thoughts on Rebecca. 

I take a look at Rope

Gill discusses Hitchcock’s last film Family Plot

Rick takes a look at Hitch’s glamorous thriller North By Northwest.

Sally shares her thoughts on Marnie

Christian looks at the symbolism in Vertigo

Rich takes a look at some episodes of the Alfred Hitchcock TV series

Patty discusses the Hitchcock villains

Matt shares his thoughts on Shadow Of A Doubt.

Le discusses Stage Fright.

Rebecca goes back to the Silent era to take a look at Champagne

Claudia writes about Torn Curtain

Paddy shares her thoughts on the Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode Banquo’s Chair.

Jess heads to the Riveria to take a look at To Catch A Thief.

Dubsism discusses Foreign Correspondent

Meredith heads to Manderley to uncover the mystery of Rebecca.

Kayla tells us all about The Lady Vanishes.

Paul compares The Twilight Zone to Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Tiffany shares her thoughts on To Catch A Thief

Gabriela writes about Frenzy

Paul joins Jimmy Stewart to take a peek at Rear Window

15 thoughts on “The 4th Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon Begins

    1. maddylovesherclassicfilms Post author

      Thanks Jess. Just went to leave a comment on your blog but it seems your comment section is only set up to allow comments from google accounts, which I don’t have. Any chance of setting it to allow name and URL comments?


  1. Fantasy Map Blog

    Thank you again for hosting this, Maddie. It’s like a film festival bonanza! Or a cinephilia extravaganza! Or a … oh, I have to get back to reading these great entries! “Good evening.”



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