The Eleanor Parker Blogathon Begins

Eleanor Parker Blogathon 3

The big day has finally arrived! Check back to this post today and tomorrow to read all of the reviews and articles discussing Eleanor and her screen work. Thank you again for helping me celebrate the fabulous Eleanor Parker.

Gill gets the blogathon started with her review of Home For The Holidays.

Ruth discusses Baroness Schrader’s breakup technique.

I head down river to take a look at The Naked Jungle.

Kristen discusses The Man With The Golden Arm.

I write about the misunderstood Baroness Schrader.

Virginie discusses one of Eleanor’s best performances in Caged.

Sally shares her thoughts on a first time viewing of Interrupted Melody.

Paddy takes a trip Between Two Worlds.

Tiffany tells us about the time Eleanor starred with Errol Flynn in Never Say Goodbye.

Andrew takes a look at all the films of Eleanor’s which are available on DVD. Andrew is also holding a very special Eleanor Parker related giveaway. Please visit his site for more information.

Rebecca writes about Eleanor’s performance in The Man With The Golden Arm.

Mike tells us all about The Mysterious Doctor.

Kayla discusses The Very Thought Of You and makes a plea.

Erica takes a look at Eleanor’s lighter side in A Millionaire For Christy.

Dubsism discusses The Pride Of The Marines.

Kayla returns to share her thoughts on Never Say Goodbye.

Rebecca begins her new blog by sharing her thoughts on The Voice Of The Turtle.

Gabriela discusses Eleanor’s performance in The Sound Of Music.

10 thoughts on “The Eleanor Parker Blogathon Begins

  1. Crystal Kalyana Pacey

    Hi Maddy. I know I’m really late, but would you still accept my contribution on “Caged” for the blogathon? My article is almost complete – though I was unable to publish during the blogathon dates, because sadly I was hospitalized with headaches, and when I was discharged I was out of town for a week. However, I’m back now and I can send my contribution to you if you are still happy to accept it??



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