About Me

Greetings fellow classic film fans. Welcome to my blog. I am Maddy. I live in the UK (British born and bred). 

I’m a child of the 1990’s who utterly adores classic films! I’ve been a fan of classic cinema since my early teens. My favourite film genres are Noir, Romance, Thriller, Drama, Western and Horror.  I am also a huge fan of Silent films too. I enjoy a good musical too. Film Noir and Romance are my go to film genres. If I find a Noir that has a good love story in it too, then I will be a doubly happy gal. 🙂   My favourite countries for film are Japan, Britain, Australia, China, America and India.

I can regularly be found solving a case with Philip Marlowe, dancing with Fred Astaire or The Nicholas Brothers, gazing dreamily at Robert Mitchum, Rossano Brazzi, George Sanders, Sidney Poitier and Cary Grant. Hey, why not?  🙂

I am a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes. Jeremy Brett is my favourite screen Holmes (I also think he did the best job of playing Sherlock on screen). I love Basil Rathbone and Ian Richardson’s portrayals of Sherlock too. 

I am a major fan of George Sanders. I never get tired of watching him and listening to that amazing voice of his. I love him the most in The Saint film series and All About Eve.

I will mostly be discussing classic era films and TV series here. The classic film era is the one which is the most special to me. I will also discuss more modern films, stars and series from time to time as well. You may also find some book chat here sometimes.

I welcome any comments and feedback. I look forward to some interesting film discussion with you.


16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood

    Hello. This is Crystals brother. My sister has this blog. She has told me to contact you. She is sick in hospital with severe headaches again and is not able to do the Deborah Kerr blogathon today. She has been in hospital since tuesday. She got surgery on her arm done on the 18th and hasn’t been the same since.



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