About Me

Greetings fellow classic film fans. Welcome to my blog. My name is Madeleine. I’m known to all as Maddy. I’m 29 years old and I live in the UK(British born and bred.)

Maddy work photo

I’ve been a fan of classic cinema since my teens. My favourite film genres are Romance, Noir, Thriller, Drama, Horror and Silent. My favourite countries for film are Japan, Britain, Australia, China, America and India.

By day, I’m a Library Assistant. By night and at most weekends, I can be found solving a case with Philip Marlowe, dancing with Fred Astaire and The Nicholas Brothers, or gazing dreamily at Robert Mitchum, Rossano Brazzi, George Sanders, Sidney Poitier and Cary Grant. Hey, why not? 🙂

I’m happy watching anything. I will settle down with the popcorn for a romantic drama or a Silent film, a Noir or an historical epic.

I will mostly be discussing classic era films and TV series here as that film era is the most special to me. I will also discuss more modern films, stars and series from time to time too. You may also find some book chat here sometimes.

I welcome any comments and feedback. I look forward to some interesting discussions.

I hope you will check out any films or series I mention which you haven’t seen yet.

Now, lets get back to those classics.


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