Maddy’s Classic Film Questionnaire

Just for fun, please let me know your answers to the following classic related questions. You’ll find my answers next to the questions below.

1- You’re holding a dinner party or picnic, which 10 classic actors and actresses (from any country) do you invite?

I would invite the following: George Sanders, Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Takashi Shimura, Ava Gardner, Dirk Bogarde, Margaret Lockwood, Sidney Poitier, Nigel Patrick and Spencer Tracy.

2- If you could interview one classic actor, one classic actress and one classic director, who would you choose?

Actor – Buster Keaton

Actress- Ava Gardner

Director- Kenji Mizoguchi

3- You meet someone who refuses to watch old films, especially those made in black and white, what do you say to them?

My natural desire would be to scream “are you serious!” at them and run away 🙂 In all seriousness though, I would start by asking them why they have such an aversion? Have they ever seen an old film, if so what was it and did they enjoy it? I would ask for their favourite genres and recommend a few classic titles.

4- What are your favourite decades for classic film?

The 1940’s and the 1920’s.

5- What are your 10 favourite classic films?

The Passionate Friends


Heaven Knows Mr. Allison

A Patch of Blue

Shooting Stars

Farewell My Lovely

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir


Millions Like Us

Black Narcissus

6- Which of these actors do you prefer in Westerns? John Wayne, Randolph Scott, Gary Cooper or James Stewart?

I prefer James Stewart and John Wayne. I wish Stewart had made more Westerns as he got to prove he could play much darker/tougher characters than those he was famous for.

7- What are your favourite film genres?

Noir, Romance, Drama, Silent and Thriller.

8- Dracula or Frankenstein?

I much prefer a certain charming and fanged count. Of the two though, I think Karloff’s Frankenstein has the more iconic look.

9- Your favourite classic adaptations of novels?

Little Women (1949) and Rebecca (1940)

10- If you could go back in time and attend the premiere of any film what would it be?

The Thief of Bagdad (1924)

I would also love to have been in the first audience for Gone With the Wind, Psycho and The Exorcist.
















13 thoughts on “Maddy’s Classic Film Questionnaire”

  1. 1. I would invite Richard Attenborugh, Sidney Poitier, Bette Davis, Charlie Chaplin, Bob Hope, Douglas Fairbanks Jr, David Niven, Orson Welles, Peter Ustinov…and then sit back and listen.

    2. Richard Attenborough
    Louise Brooks
    Hal Roach

    3.I have actuall been in this situation.The young man in question told me that, in his opinion “Black and White films had no relavance or meaning”.I asked him to name his favourite (recent) film.He replied Ip Man.I then asked him. “If Ip Man was made in B&W would it be irrelevant..?”I was met with a look of total incomprehension .Sigh.

    4.I have favourites from all decades, but, I would probably choose the early 1950’s.

    5. A Canterbury Tale
    Pool Of London
    Double Indemnity
    Damsel In Distress
    North By Northwest
    Dracula (1958)
    Queen Of Spades
    Ballad Of A Soldier
    Touchez Pas Au Grisbi

    6.I grew up watching Westerns, and have probably seen all of John Wayne’s from Stagecoach onwards, and although I am not a fan of his John Ford cavalry westerns, I do like him in Rio Bravo, The Comancheros,El Dorado, Big Jake.I love James Stewart in the Anthony Mann films though, especially Winchester 73, and Bend Of The River, so I can’t decide between the two. Randolph Scott was great in Seven Men From Now, and Buchanan Rides Alone, and Gary Cooper is…well, GARY COOPER! One of the greats! I enjoyed him especially in Vera Cruz, but it’s really a toss up between Wayne and Stewart for me.

    7.I can really pick a favourite film from every genre,but I especially enjoy mystery thrillers that keep me guessing,

    8. It has to be Dracula,preferably with Christopher Lee facing Peter Cushing.

    9.To Kill A Mockingbird.

    10.If I could go back in time to attend any premiere, I would love to have been in the audience when the Lumiere Brothers first presented their work.Also,The Jazz Singer (although I do not actually like the film), and Psycho is a good call too.The shower scene must have packed quite a wallop!

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    1. Great choices! Ah, yes, those very first moving pictures must have been something to see when they first showed up. I bet it took a while for people to get their heads around it all at first. Very happy to see Richard Attenborough on your list, he always came across as a lovely man who had a deep love for cinema; I would have loved to have met him and discussed films with him. I knew Pool of London would show up on your favourites list, I know how much you love that one. 🙂


  2. OMG! I was in the audience when The Exorcist was in theaters! I went to see it three times. It scared me silly, but I just was drawn to it. And I know someone who saw Psycho in the theater, and her Dad played the cruelest joke on her afterward. He scared her and her sister in some way that I can’t recall now … but, man, I love that movie, too! 🙂

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  3. Oh-oh! I fear my answers would change whenever I repeated this quiz. But here goes:

    1. I would invite Bette Davis, Katherine Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Angela Lansbury, Myrna Loy, Cary Grant, William Powell, Claude Rains, Edward G. Robinson, and James Stewart.

    2. Actor – James Stewart
    Actress – Angela Lansbury
    Director – Alfred Hitchcock

    3. I teach a film class to high school students, so I understand that this “aversion” is merely ignorance and lack of exposure. Rather than lecture, I roll my eyes and then begin: I show a lot of black and white films in my class, and we look at how intriguing things like lighting are on b&w stock. I always show Psycho, and I dare them to compare the classic Hitchcock with the terrible color remake by Gus Van Sant. It works every time!

    4. 1930’s, ’50’s and 60’s.

    5. This one is REALLY hard; there are so many. And this doesn’t even COUNT films from the 70’s on!

    1. Rear Window
    2. Golddiggers of 1933
    3. The Manchurian Candidate
    4. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
    5. Casablanca
    6. The Maltese Falcon
    7. Now, Voyager
    8. All About Eve
    9. Alice Adams
    10.The Women

    Seriously, I could easily name ten more!

    6. I’m not really a Western fan, so I’ll just say this: John Wayne was wonderful in Stagecoach, and then his later Westerns got more interesting; I’m just not that big a Wayne fan. Randolph Scott holds a special place in my heart, and Westerns suited him perfectly. I prefer Gary Cooper in a Frank Capra movie. And I totally agree with you that James Stewart made some of the best Westerns ever made – and that was because he was in the latter half of his career and embraced moral ambiguity!

    7. I love mystery/suspense, witty comedies, strong dramas – just about anything that doesn’t have gore!

    8. Dracula – always Dracula.

    9. David Copperfield.

    10. Maybe Now, Voyager – IF I could hang out with Davis, Raines, and Heinreid after the event!

    And here is MY Exorcist story. My friends Gail, Viv and I decided to go see it when it first opened. Gail drove, and we had to park in a parking lot next to the theatre. The movie started, and about fifteen minutes in, Gail disappears to go to the bathroom. By the time they got to the part where the doctors were giving Regan horrific medical tests to see if she was ill, I was hiding on the ground. Viv went to check on Gail and found her lying in the ladies room, terrified. We decided to leave, but when we got into Gail’s car, we discovered that the garage was locked. There was a phone by the door, and the girls made me run to it and call. This creepy voice answered and told us to wait a few minutes. We sat in the car, nearly hysterical, till this tall, shambling figure appeared and unlocked the gate. Gail tore out of there and got me home in record time. I went to bed, shivering. Fortunately, my brother had gone out to see Woody Allen’s Sleeper that evening, and he told me the plot to help calm me down. Needless to say, I have never tried to watch The Exorcist again!

    Thanks for the fun quiz!

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    1. Hi Brad. Fantastic choices. Thank you for taking part, glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing your Exorcist story, a scary film for sure. I find it difficult to watch this one,as I always get the weird feeling that someone is watching me(I never get that feeling with other horror films)but it always happens each time I watch this.
      With those classic dinner guests, I don’t think your party would ever end! So many fascinating and gifted actors in that list.

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  4. I really like your answers to the questions 9 and 10. Little Women and Rebecca are also some of my favourite classic adaptations of the novels. But, omg, attending a premiere to The Thief of Bagdad would have been such an unimaginable experience! I would give everything for it! lol I remember reading this interview of Leonardo Dicaprio bragging about that he has one of the first posters to the film, and I was green with envy 🙂 And, I actually think attending a premier to any of Hitchcock’s films would have been just great!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by! So happy to find some more love for the screen adaptations of Little Women and Rebecca. Wow! Leo sure is lucky to own that poster. I would love to be able to have seen the faces of that first audience watching this film; I’m pretty sure they must have been well and truly mind blown. Watching any Hitch film on the big screen has got to have been an experience. Imagine seeing Psycho or North By Northwest for the first time at the cinema? I envy anyone who was able to do that.

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  5. Normally I can’t stand questionnaires, but I’ll give this one a bash.

    1- You’re holding a dinner party or picnic, which 10 classic actors and actresses (from any country) do you invite?

    I would invite the following: Rex Harrison, Omar Sharif, Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant, Christopher Plummer, Gregory Peck, Wilfrid Hyde White, Audrey Hepburn, Julie Andrews, and Boris Karloff.

    2- If you could interview one classic actor, one classic actress and one classic director, who would you choose?

    Actor – Max Schreck (might need an interpreter)

    Actress- Gene Tierney

    Director- Sidney Lumet (James Whale if Lumet is unavailable)

    3- You meet someone who refuses to watch old films, especially those made in black and white, what do you say to them?

    I would start by saying “You don’t know what you’re missing”, then inform him/her that most great films were made before Cinemascope appeared in 1953.

    4- What are your favourite decades for classic film?

    The 1940’s and the 1920’s.
    The forties is my favorite decade for films. I haven’t the patience for silent films.

    5- What are your 10 favourite classic films?

    1. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
    2. Fail-Safe (The version with Fonda)(1962?)
    3. My Fair Lady
    4.The Day The Earth Stood Still
    5. A Matter Of Life And Death
    6. The Dam Busters
    7. Twelve O”clock High
    8. Spartacus (Kubrick) – not Netflix
    9. Mr. Smith Goes To Washington
    10. Lost Horizon

    6- Which of these actors do you prefer in Westerns? John Wayne, Randolph Scott, Gary Cooper or James Stewart?

    I don’t like westerns at all, but I did choose I’d chose James Stewart. Liked him in Who Shot Liberty Valance.

    7- What are your favourite film genres?

    Historical fact based films, then science fiction

    8- Dracula or Frankenstein?

    I prefer Frankenstein because there is more back story behind the making of the film. You could write a book about ego-centric Jack Pierce alone.

    9- Your favourite classic adaptactions of novels?

    My Fair Lady and Fail-Safe

    10- If you could go back in time and attend the premiere of any film what would it be?

    My Fair Lady (People still talked about film and not who designed your clothes).

    I would have loved to have been at the premiere of Apollo 13 (I’m a space nerd and have been since 1961)

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